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OV'R There Industries & Veterans Antiquities. Vets helping Vets.

OV'R There Industries products are 100% US Veteran manufactured and 95% recycled or reclaimed materials. Each item is individually assembled by a Disabled Veteran, using the natural lines of the wood. Not only are forest materials and license plates saved from the incinerators and landfills, the birdhouses provide habitat lost to progress and a life changer for a Hero. Tables, shelves, etc. Reclaimed Maple B-Ball Pan Am game flooring.

Earl picking up fence boards headed for the landfill. Thanks Earl!

 Donations are accepted and appreciated, including license plates.

License plates and your cash donations may be mailed to:

Barb Vance, P. O. Box 2650, Indianapolis, IN, 46206-2650. 

All proceeds go to support disabled US Veterans.

Looking for Veterans to become involved at every level. Wheelchair Vets please reply.

To place an order, call 317-946-8365, or email

Custom orders are available made with your plate for a special keepsake item.

 Extra charge for shipping and handling.

Ov'r There will be at Earth Day Indiana again this year with birdhouses and new products made from recycled materials. Visit us at the White River State Park in downtown Indianapolis on April 25th from 11 to 4!

Be kind to your mother, she's the only one we've got!

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