#1. Veterans manufacture birdhouses, doghouses, chicken coops, furniture, decorative, useful repurposed items. These are life changing for the "at risk" Veteran population. .Training for the future.
 #2. Advocating for Veterans healing through the Arts. Veterans Industries and Arts, our 501c3 has a great Artists Opportunity 
#3. Help! Hire A Handicapped Hoosier Hero.  Providing Veteran Employment opportunities. Veterans, Send a resume to jeff@ovrthere.com. Job postings Daily. 
#4. "KidFishin'Mission" Providing a good choice to City Kids through fishing ethics and catching fish. Working with Schools & PTOs, providing a memorable outdoor experience and a new choice in life. Fish with a Vet day @ Indiana State Fair, August, Vets and Kids. 
Custom orders with your plates
Sam Piper, OV'R There Industries 
     KidFishinMission/GoFishIN. program instructor.
                             1st Catch for Ron, It don't get no better.
                                                        Thanks Paul Hoffman, Volunteer Fisherman, Catfish Diddy
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