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Our Veterans Remembered through Environmental Rehabilitative Enterprises.

Mission: To improve the Quality of life for our Veterans,

How? Through Industries & Arts, Employment, Training, Direction, and Friendship.

What? A collaboration of Veterans, here for all Veterans.

Where? Actually anywhere, some creations are from the wheelchair.

5700 N Michigan Rd. Woodworking training and more.

The Veteran ART Initiative utilizes several venues for Shows of Veteran Created Arts and Crafts. Our Curator and growing number of Veteran Talents are a brotherhood , supporting one another.

Currently self funded, We Need your Help. All funds will be used for Woodshop development. Donations tagged for

#1 A Wheelchair accessible workshop and e-tail facility for use by Veteran artists and craftsmen to improve their lifestyle by creating and marketing their own vision, while Reusing Wasted Forest Materials to help Nature.

#2 Providing much needed, marketable training.

#3 Veteran Sustainability through job placement.

Attention Veterans, Contact us and get into Our system. Jobs, Training, Fishing Events, Shows, Volunteer work, etc. 

Attention Employers, Contact us before hiring. We have capable Veterans with HUGE skills looking to work with you.            

Great Therapy

OV'R There Industries was at the Indiana State Fair fishing pond recruiting new little anglers! Clint Kuwalik/GoFishINthe city rocks! Watch for us again, w/Fish with a Veteran day. August 2016 

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